Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beauty, Eh?

Okay, here goes...

Man, this is good shit. I'm not sure who this guy is who posted the video but he does give a good background. He does drop the the f-bomb (and a few other of Carlin's favorites) several times but that's no more offensive than Sean Hannity. And he looks like a mix between Robert Downey, Jr and Hank Azaria, no?

Take a listen...

Oh yeah, by the way... apparently the McCain Campaign is longer granting interviews with Palin to anyone but conservative news outlets like Fox News. I guess Katie Couric brought them to their knees; who'd-a-thunk-it?! And that's what I want from the second most powerful person in the world; someone who must be coddled and kept safe from Katie Couric!?!

Anyway, have a swell day, folks.

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